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Promotions Terms & Conditions

With a surplus of striking offers and promotions organized on our website, we want you to be win and smile every time you make a purchase. We love every creation hosted on the site, yet not each and every item entitles you to receive coupons, promotions or offers. The various offers and promotions are available only on select goods. To opt for what you like best for yourself, you can cite case-by-case offer criteria on a product page.

It is important to notice is that the maximum discount on your chosen item depends on the site's discount limits or coupon limits, which, in turn, could fluctuate from 41% to 60% or go above that or below. To give you an example, an item with 50% discount – and after applying an extra 30% discount may still have a total of only 60% discount.

If you're purchasing more than one item, the benefit of the coupon's discount would together apply to all your purchased items, although considering the individual pricing of each product. To learn about all the details of the final costs, you could refer to your purchase statement.

If you choose to return or cancel the purchase of an item, the refunded amount of money would be the final item price on your invoice that you may have received after availing all offer benefits. This return is subject to a verification by our Quality Check (QC) team that would inspect the item to determine that is returnable.

To be able to avail any "First Time Purchase" offer, you have to make sure that you're transacting for the first time on our website. Keep in mind that once you return the item, you would not be eligible for a "first time purchase" offer anymore.

Dressline hereby reserves the authority to alter the terms & conditions of any promotional offers handed out on its platforms at any given point in time.

Dressline Promotions Policy

Dressline organizes many promotions, contests and offers frequently with discounts, vouchers, coupons, campaigns, and sales on the products that are for sale on our website. The Dressline Promotions Policy (“Dressline Promotions Policy”), together with the terms and conditions, the privacy policy, the fee and payments policy, and the delivery policy sets out Dressline’s procedures and policies in offering promotions, contests, offers, discounts, vouchers, coupons, campaigns and sales conducted by it on the platforms from time to time (“Promotions”). In addition to this Dressline Promotions Policy, any return of the Products by Customers shall also be governed by, and be subject to the terms and conditions set out under Dressline’s return and refund policy.

Customers are requested to read and comprehend the terms of this Dressline Promotions Policy. If you do not agree to the terms contained in this Dressline Promotions Policy, you are advised not to accept the Terms of Use and may forthwith leave the Platforms. The terms contained in this Dressline Promotions Policy shall be accepted without modification and you agree to be bound by the terms contained herein by initiating a request for purchase of Product(s) on the Platforms. If there is any conflict between the Dressline Promotions Policy and any other policies of Dressline, the Dressline Promotions Policy shall prevail.

General Terms of Promotions

Dressline may, from time to time offer various Promotions to its Customers to create, encourage and sustain Customer interest in the Products. It is specifically clarified that all discounts offered by Dressline as a part of its Promotions on the Products shall exclude all convenience charges including charges that may accrue on the delivery of the Products to the Customers, if any.

Dressline reserves the right to introduce the Promotions (individually or collectively) at intervals of its choice. While the general terms of this Promotions Policy sets out Dressline’s terms and conditions governing all of its Promotions, Dressline may also provide separate terms governing each one of its Promotions. While choosing to participate in the Promotions, the Customers are, apart from this Promotions Policy, requested to peruse and understand the terms which govern individual Promotions. Dressline may, at any time and without having to service any prior notice to the Customer, modify or delete its Promotions or the terms and conditions governing such Promotions.

Dressline will use its digital platforms to push promotional activities. Through these, we shall provide you with offers, discounts and vouchers. Please note that these promotional offers may be subject to seasons, launch of new collections or may continue throughout the year as per company discretion. The offers are non-transferable and do not hold any monetary value.

All Dressline products will have separate policies/discounts/offers/vouchers for their online sales and offline/store sales respectively.

Dressline may provide the promotions on a select range or on all of its products. The Promotions may also be applicable on any, or certain specific purchases carried out by the customer on the platforms. Additionally, without having to service any notice on the Customer, Dressline may withdraw all, or a part of its Promotions from the Platforms.

Dressline may present the following offers during a promotional spree on its chosen items: (a) Trade Discounts, and (b) Coupon Discounts (together, the “Discounts”). The promotions will be in process only till the stocks are available, while Dressline will command the absolute authority to alter, postpone, or cancel any promotion at any point in time.

Trade discounts are regular discounts which are provided by Dressline for the benefit of customers from time to time. The trade discounts are independent of any promotions, and will be extended to only a select range of Products as indicated on the Platforms (“Trade Discounts”). The Trade Discounts shall offer discounts up to a certain percentage on the maximum-retail price (“MRP”) of the Products, and the Customer will only be required to pay the MRP of the Product as reduced by the amount of Trade Discount (“List Price”). The range of Trade Discounts offered on a Product may increase or decrease at any time during the term of the Promotions at the sole discretion of Dressline, and Dressline shall not be required to serve a prior written notice intimating such change in the range of discounts to the Customers.

Dressline will also offer discount vouchers or coupon discounts on a handpicked range of items as showed on the platforms (Known as “Coupon Discounts”) in addition to the Trade Discounts. All items presented for sale on the Coupon Discount, may not automatically have an valid Trade Discount, and any grouping thereof with Trade Discounts shall be at the judgment of the customer.

Dressline will also offer discounts for items under the Buy X at Y offer (“YX XY Offer”), in which after purchase of a certain quantity of items (“X”), customers will be handed the bunch of items at a pre-determined bundle price (“Y”). The benefit availed by a customer from the packaged promotion would be apportioned between the items bought on a weighted average base. Consequently, any item bought under the YX XY Offer, the repayment due by Dressline on such item would be worth the item calculated on a weighted average base.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Dressline Promotions Policy, a Customer shall at no time during the term of the Promotions, be eligible to receive Discounts on a Product which cumulatively exceed 41% of the MRP of such Product. If the Customer attempts to purchase any Product on the Platforms for which applicable Discounts cumulatively exceed 41% of the MRP of such Product, Dressline will automatically reduce the amount of Discounts on such Product to 41% of the MRP of such Product.

In case Dressline wishes to partner a third part for any promotion, the terms & conditions of such third party will also come into play and will apply to all such promotions.

Dressline can hereby cancel any purchase carried out using means that may include, but may not be limited to, unacceptable or unofficial use of any discounts on its platforms. Dressline reserves the right to commence suitable legal actions against any entity, individual or website, occupied in unpermitted issuing of data/information related to discount offers. The discounts handed out on our platform cannot be transferred and carry no monetary value.

Dressline reserves the authority to alter the terms & conditions of any promotional offers handed on the platforms at any given time without conveying any reasons, and sans any earlier notice to its customers.